Kama Sutra Guide to Better Sex

To have better sex with your partner, you ought to read up Kama Sutra for tips and information. It is more than just sexual positions and techniques. There are things like preparation, foreplay, communication that you need to take note of in order to have a pleasurable sexual experience with your partner.

There are just too many things to talk about when it comes to guide to better sex. Let us just focus on one topic over here, which is the foreplay.

Foreplay is essential during lovemaking and you should not rush through it. A good foreplay takes time, and it should take at least 15 minutes. Foreplay creates the sexual anticipation before intercourse, which will warm both you and your partner up.

A good foreplay will start with both you and your partner clothes on. Engage in some dirty talks and undress your partner slowly. While you are undressing your partner, kiss and caress every part of her body, as if you are making love to her for the very first time.

Next, you should target every parts of your partner’s erogenous zones which are highly sensitive to stimulation. Kiss and caress parts like, shoulders, lips, earlobes, necks, spine, inner thighs, chest, abdomen, etc. Leave out your partner’s sexual area for the time being. Focus on these areas until you see that your partner is getting turned on and ready for lovemaking.

In addition, you can provide your partner with some oral sex moves which will definitely make your partner more aroused. There are tons of information on the Internet which teach you how to provide oral sex, whether to a woman or a man.

Massage, sex games, hot bath, foot rub, cross-dressing are all good ways to make your lovemaking more interesting and passionate. Sex is too good to be done routinely. Add in variations to it and you will be able to enjoy pleasurable sex with your partner all years long.